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Millennials of Color – Tell Us What You Think!

October 11, 2016 | by

In late October, ERA will partner with communications agency Sightful to conduct interviews with millennial women of color around issues related to career, equal pay for equal work, life values and professional hopes and dreams. Each woman will receive $150 cash for her participation. 


The two-hour interviews will take place in downtown San Francisco on Sunday, Oct. 23 (daytime) and Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 24-26 (evening). 

The format for the interviews is unique – we call them ‘triads.’ One woman is selected to ‘host’ a group and she then brings two friends. So if you have strong opinions on the nature of work these days and can think of two close friends you enjoy talking to about these things, apply! 

Here are some of the basic criteria for selection:

  • Between the ages of 22-35 and identify as a person of color
  • Women, although we’re open to some of the triads including men (a partner, spouse, or friend)
  • Worked at least 1 full year at your current job or have worked for multiple years at a previous job
  • Worked in corporate jobs or small companies with salaries and benefits
  • Hosts will be influencers among their peers and active participants in their communities

If you fit these criteria and are excited about coming to help us understand the issue of equal pay and your life as a working woman in California today, please apply. It’s going to be a creative, fun, informative experience for all.

Any questions contact Alexi at Sightful:

ERA extends our heartfelt thanks to the Ford Foundation for funding this research.


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