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Tradeswomen Tuesday: Erika Glenn-Byam, Air Force Veteran, Laborer, NYC Local 79


After Erika graduated high school in 1999, she applied for the Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) program, which prepares New York City women for careers in the construction trades. When she... read more

Students Fighting Back Against Campus Sexual Harassment


The critically acclaimed and eye-opening documentary on campus sexual assault, The Hunting Ground, will premiere on CNN on Sunday, November 22. As the filmmakers seek to increase public awareness of... read more

‘Where’s The Lawyer?’ Latinas in the Legal Industry


Previous installments of our month-long series on the Latina wage gap have dealt with the myriad barriers to economic security faced by low-wage earners. But work remains as well in arenas of high... read more

Good Laws Are the Difference for Pregnant Workers


What makes the difference between a long and arduous lawsuit, and an informal resolution of a pregnant worker’s request for an accommodation so she can keep working? Good laws. Together with... read more

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  • California Wants to Close the Wage Gap
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  • Fair Pay Act to Cut Pay Gap Between the Genders
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  • CA Gives Equal Pay a Big Boost
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  • California Adopts Strong Equal Pay Protections
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