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Equal Rights Advocates protects and expands economic and educational access and opportunities for women and girls.

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Building a Culture of Gender Equity in our K-12 Schools


Educators in our K-12 schools are charged not just with imparting knowledge to students, but with shaping their social behavior. What happens at school impacts girls profoundly, affecting not only... read more

Millennials of Color – Tell Us What You Think!


In late October, ERA will partner with communications agency Sightful to conduct interviews with millennial women of color around issues related to career, equal pay for equal work, life values and... read more

Equal Pay Bill Signed by Gov. Brown


Today, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1676, which prohibits employers from relying on prior salary alone to justify any pay difference between male and female employees who do... read more

Obama Administration Announces New Equal Pay Rule


Today, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC) released their final rule for revisions to the Employer Information Report (EEO-1), which is filed annually by employers of 100 or more.... read more

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  • California Targets Sexual Harassment in Janitorial Industry
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  • State lawmakers say new equal-pay protections are working — now they want to expand them
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