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Win! Dignity for Domestic Workers

September 13, 2016 | by

Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill 1015 (Leyva), the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, and in so doing, guaranteed permanent overtime protections to over 300,000 domestic workers in California.

Domestic workers play a pivotal role in the homes and lives of many in California. Yet they have long been excluded from basic employment protections. Although domestic workers were finally granted the right to overtime pay when Assembly Bill 241 was signed into law in 2013, those protections were set to expire in 2017 pursuant to a sunset provision in that bill. The signing of SB 1015 ensures that domestic workers continue receiving overtime protections and the dignity and respect they deserve.

“The Stronger California Advocates Network is so proud of our partner the California Domestic Workers Coalition for leading passage of SB 1015 and the movement to guarantee dignity for domestic workers,” said Noreen Farrell, chair of the Stronger California Advocates Network and Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates. “With the signing of the 2016 Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, California takes an important step toward ensuring dignity and economic security for domestic workers and their families.”

This victory represents the culmination of years of organizing by domestic workers and supporters throughout California and would not have been possible without the leadership and large-scale mobilization efforts of the California Domestic Workers Coalition and Mujeres Unidas y Activas (MUA), both members of the Stronger California Advocates Network.

SB 1015 was a priority bill on the 2016 Legislative Agenda of the Stronger California Advocates Network, a historic collaboration of over 30 advocate coalitions from around the state that promotes policy reform to improve the economic strength of women and families and increase the fairness and quality of their lives.


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