Fighting for Women's Equality

About Equal Rights Advocates

Equal Rights Advocates (ERA), a national nonprofit organization, fights for equal opportunities for women and girls at work and school.

For over 43 years, ERA has envisioned a world where women have what they need to support themselves and their families. Because we know that when women have opportunities, our families, communities, and economy thrive.

ERA seeks to assist women and girls throughout a life-long continuum: ensuring equality in their educational experience, combating sexual harassment in the workforce, and advocating for workplaces hospitable to working families. Real progress has been made to ensure women have equal opportunities, but too many continue to face unfair practices in work and school.

We are fighting to ensure all women and girls are:

  • Safe from sexual harassment
  • Paid fairly for their work
  • Able to take time off to care for their families
  • Given the same opportunities at school
  • Free to be whatever they want to be

Through our three advocacy initiatives – Strong GirlsWomen at Work, and Access to Justice – ERA works to eliminate discrimination so all women can realize their full potential.

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