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Gender Justice Initiatives

Social justice movements aren’t magic. They are carefully planned and built.

There is an urgent need for ERA to build upon forty years of achievements with bold action now. Through three targeted initiatives, ERA is expanding the reach of our work and addressing obstacles to equality in a comprehensive way.

Strong Girls

40th-strong-girlsStrong economic futures start with equal opportunities at school.

Enforcing existing laws and promoting better gender data collection and reporting at schools. The initiative includes innovative education equity efforts developing women as partners and leaders in the movement. ERA’s Power of IX toolkit and video will be shared nationally with educators, parents, and students.

Why now?

Too many girls receive early messages that they shouldn’t pursue science or sports, or that they shouldn’t report sexual violence. One in four girls will be victim of an assault or attempted assault by the time she enters college. Girls have 1.3 million fewer opportunities to play high school sports than boys.

Women at Work

40th-women-at-workGender equality in the workplace depends on fairness for women and working families.

Taking on systemic barriers to women’s economic security and leadership. The initiative includes a national restaurant campaign with ROC-United to end sexual harassment and poverty-level wages. The Equal Pay Today! campaign will close the gender wage gap with partners at the state and federal level. By convening worker, childcare, and anti-poverty advocates across California, we are developing a Women’s Economic Policy Agenda that will be a model for states across the country.

Why now?

Working women disproportionately encounter barriers to fair employment, from sexual harassment to the glass ceiling to wage disparities. They remain concentrated in low-wage jobs and make up 2/3 of the minimum wage workforce. The gender wage gap – women making on average 77 cents to a man’s dollar – has not budged in ten years, impacting women in nearly every industry.

Access to Justice

40th-access-to-justiceAn existing gap in the enforcement of law leaves women and children behind.

Expanding ERA’s unique National Free Hotline and Direct Services Projects to give clients the help they need when they need it. We address the most prevalent problems through strategic impact litigation and policy reform. Our Fellowship Training Program prepares the next generation of movement leaders. Advocate Toolkits provide information needed to challenge workplace inequities across the country.

Why now?

Poverty, lack of job mobility, and fear of employer retaliation keep far too many workers silent in the face of unfair treatment. Studies confirm that women, people of color, and low-wage workers are much less likely to have access to legal representation.

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