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Equal Rights Advocates’ Legacy Circle

Gay Crosthwait Grunfeld - Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld

Gay Crosthwait Grunfeld 

“ERA has been there for 40 years supporting the rights of women; by including ERA in my will, I hope to create a lasting legacy and keep ERA strong until women are truly equal.” Gay Crosthwait Grunfeld, Legacy Donor, Board of Directors Vice-Chair

By designating Equal Rights Advocates as a beneficiary in your will, trust or estate plan or via a charitable remainder trust, you will be welcomed as a member of Equal Rights Advocates’ Legacy Circle. Legacy Circle members receive recognition in various Equal Rights Advocates’ publications as well as other benefits.

Championing Women & Girls

Explore the value of charitable gifts that require a little thought, but pay off in big benefits to you, your family and Equal Rights Advocates. We ask you to evaluate your passions, and as you begin to make plans for the future, consider leaving a legacy for the future of women and girls.

By including Equal Rights Advocates in your estate plan, you will ensure that the organization can continue to advocate on behalf of women and girls, represent women in the courts, and educate girls and women on their rights and possibilities. Additionally, your bequests will help guarantee that young girls and women of the future will have the opportunities and resources available to achieve equity and justice.

Planned Giving

The overall importance of donating to an organization like Equal Rights Advocates is to keep alive its purpose of protecting and expanding economic and educational access and opportunities for women and girls.

A current gift to Equal Rights Advocates’ mission is always welcome, but if you’d rather keep an asset for now, considers making a “deferred” or “planned” gift.

A deferred gift means that you donate an asset today to receive immediate income benefits and tax advantages. Equal Rights Advocates will receive the remaining value of your gift later, often after your lifetime.  For example, you could give in stocks, other parts of a portfolio or even a property or residence while continuing to live there for life.

As we face the challenges of the future, we know that the generosity of those who assist Equal Rights Advocates will make all the difference in our success. We also want to make sure that you benefit from making a gift to us, and through creative gift planning you can secure your own financial future, as well as ours. Knowing that there are hundreds of men and women in the position to give the gift of longevity, we ask you to evaluate your passions and, as you begin to make plans for the future, consider leaving a legacy for the future of girls and women through a planned gift.

Estate planning is not only for the very rich. If you have possessions, you have an estate. A good estate plan will provide you with peace of mind by allowing you to decide in advance the disposition of your possessions when you die and will ensure that your needs and the needs of your family are met. The tools of estate planning are written documents that precisely indicate your intentions, and provide the power to accomplish them.

Did you know that…

  • You can receive income for life in exchange for a gift?
  • Giving appreciated property, like stocks or real estate, costs less than giving the equivalent amount in cash?
  • Some assets can benefit you more if you give them away?
  • Some gifts cost nothing now, but leave a legacy later?
  • Some gifts allow you to pass more on to your heirs and save taxes?


For more information about the legacy circle or planned giving, please contact:

Lemlem Rijio

Director of Development



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