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Action Alert: Lobby in Sacramento!

March 29, 2017 | by

Going on the Policy Offensive: Join us in Sacramento on April 4

We’re just over two months into the Trump presidency and while Equal Rights Advocates continues to mount a strong defense of civil and human rights at the federal level, we also know that it is time to go on the offense: As we’ve done under every presidential administration, we will fight for policy reforms at the state level that support and expand economic security and educational opportunity for women and girls. 

We won’t stand by and simply wait out the next four years – with your support, we will push forward on issues such as paid leave, fair pay, affordable child care, and poverty reduction now. 

Join us on April 4 in Sacramento to tell your legislators they must support women and families. 

Next Tuesday, April 4, on Equal Pay Day, we will launch the third year of the A Stronger California campaign. In just the past two years, Stronger California advocates have successfully fought for: 

  • the country’s strongest equal pay law, 
  • a $15/hr state minimum wage, 
  • an expanded paid family leave program, and 
  • a Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights.

Our strong track record gives us power. So let’s flex that power and keep the momentum going in 2017! We will kick off this year’s campaign with a rally followed by visits with state legislators at the State Capitol. It is crucial that elected leaders hear directly from their constituents that women’s economic security must be made a top priority.  

Visit legislators on April 4 to tell them to support the Stronger California agenda.  

We have organized transportation to Sacramento and will be scheduling visits with legislators (we’re also holding trainings so you’re prepared). RSVP at the link above to reserve your spot on the bus!

Defending Women’s Rights: Defeating Rollback of the ACA

When House Speaker Paul Ryan called off the vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with (terrible) legislation last week, it was a victory for all of us who care about women’s equality, reproductive freedom, and economic security.  

The American Health Care Act (the GOP’s ACA “replacement” bill) would have kicked 24 million people off the insurance rolls in the next 10 years, defunded Planned Parenthood, slashed Medicaid, expanded abortion coverage restrictions, and cut off care for many in order to give tax breaks to people who least need them. Low-income people and women of color would have been among the hardest hit.  

The defeat of the AHCA is an inspiring reminder that when we come together and speak out forcefully to our elected representatives, we have power! But while we celebrate our success in this incredibly important battle, we know the fight is far from over – we can expect many more efforts to attack our health care system and roll back women’s rights over the next four years. We must stay vigilant and encourage our elected leaders to the same! 

Click here to thank your representative for resisting efforts to repeal the ACA and tell them to stand firm on protecting women’s rights, opportunities, and health options. They heard us loud and clear this time around. Let’s make sure they remember us the next time, too. 


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