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Action Alert: Say NO to Disastrous GOP Tax Bill

December 6, 2017 | by

Defend Women & Families – Not Wall Street 

Every woman and her family deserves a shot at the American dream.

But the last-minute, hastily scribbled, and undebated #GOPTaxBill passed over the weekend by the Senate in the wee hours of Saturday morning defers that dream.

This fight is far from over. As the House and Senate re-draft and prepare for a second round of votes to reconcile the House and Senate’s different versions of this disastrous plan before Christmas, it’s time to stand up and defend everyday families. 

Write to your Rep. and Senator today & tell them to stand up for everyday families like yours and vote NO on the GOP tax plan.

Don’t be fooled by the title – this bill does nothing to ‘reform’ the income inequity plaguing women-headed households across this country. It cuts every bootstrap women need to pull their families out of poverty and create a thriving life. From housing, education, health care and child care, the #GOPTaxBill stops a woman in her tracks.

Who gets a hand up? Wall Street.

Not only would it cut taxes for corporations while raising taxes for millions of working families making less than $75k/year, it would also:

  • cut Medicare – half of Medicare’s 57 million recipients are women & 70% of those are elderly women 
  • cut Medicaid – nearly 17 million women use Medicaid 
  • kick 13 million Americans off of health insurance – 90% of all women and girls currently have insurance (#ThanksObamacare)
  • and raise taxes on student loan recipients – women hold 2/3, or more than $800 billion, of all student debt in the country

Any reconciled #GOPTaxPlan that includes these provisions would be specifically disastrous for women, children, and families. 

Women and our families need your voice. Tell your representatives to put families before corporations.


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