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Action Alert: Stop the Attacks on Students

September 27, 2017 | by

Last week, the federal Department of Education attacked students’ civil rights. 

By rescinding clear guidance for how schools should respond to sexual violence and replacing them with vague, piecemeal measures that focus more on the accused than survivors, Secretary DeVos is threatening the safety of students nationwide.

But in California we’re fighting back. 

Equal Rights Advocates is a sponsor of Senate Bill 169, which would ensure California schools receive the same strong guidance for responding to sexual violence issued by the Obama Administration. SB 169 passed with broad bipartisan support in the California legislature and now sits on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk awaiting signature.

Call Governor Brown today — 916-445-2841 — and ask him to sign SB 169.  

1. My name is         and I live in         
2. I am calling to ask Governor Brown to sign Senate Bill 169 to ensure that California students’ right to a safe education, free of discrimination, is upheld in every school. 
3. Secretary DeVos’ decision to rescind the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter makes this bill especially critical. 

SB 169 is especially important for girls of color across California. 67% of Black girls in 8-12th grade report being victims of sexual harassment and assault at school, and yet they often receive less support and protection from teachers and administrators. We need clear, strong guidance for how schools investigate sexual misconduct claims to ensure sexual violence and harassment don’t disrupt girls’ education.

Make sure Governor Brown hears from you – send him an email urging him to sign SB 169.

While SB 169 passed with bipartisan support and has had no formal opposition, there is still misinformation out there about what this bill does and why it matters for girls of color. Help us dispel the myths – share this thread and make sure Gov. Brown knows #blackgirlsmatter.



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