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Action Alert: We Won’t Back Down on Pay Transparency

September 18, 2017 | by

Take Action Today & Demand the EEOC Defends Equal Pay Data Collection

Tomorrow, the Senate will consider the nominations of Janet Dhillon for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Chair and Daniel Gade for EEOC commissioner.

The Senate must carefully review these nominations. The EEOC is a government agency of critical importance, tasked with upholding and enforcing civil rights laws in workplaces across the country.

That includes ensuring equal pay.

Just weeks ago, the Trump Administration put a halt to the EEOC’s collection of pay data by gender and race on the annual employer EEO-1 form. Senators must ask Dhillon and Gade during these hearings about their commitment to equal pay and pay transparency.

A failure to make such a commitment should be disqualifying.

Tell your Senator to oppose Dhillon & Gade if they will not commit to pay transparency.


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