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AP: 12 U.S. Banks and Tech Giants Targeted with “Median Gender Pay Gap” Shareholder Proposal

February 13, 2019 | by

The Associated Press ran an article about a campaign Equal Rights Advocates is co-sponsoring with Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap Initiative and international advocacy investment firm Arjuna Capitol, which aims to raise awareness about the equal pay by pressuring 12 leading banks and tech companies to release information about their median gender pay gaps.

The article features a quote from ERA Executive Director Noreen Farrell:

“The test of whether women are valued equally in the workplace cannot end with whether they are paid equally for the same work. High road companies across the country are also examining whether women are equally represented among their highest paid leaders. The median pay gap measures just that. The quicker companies become transparent about their leadership gap, the quicker we can support them in implementing solutions that promote equity at the top and inspire confidence in employers, customers, and investors alike.”

The AP story was picked up by more than 100 different newspapers across the country.

Read the full article.


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