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Ban ‘no-rehire’ clauses: YES on AB 749!

June 20, 2019 | by
Retaliation against workers who report sexual harassment is supposed to be illegal. But a current loophole in California law allows employers to include “no-rehire clauses” in settlement agreements, severely restricting future job opportunities for those who report sexual harassment, discrimination, and other workplace violations.
Support California Assembly Bill 749 to outlaw no-rehire clauses in settlements. These clauses bar workers not only from being rehired by the same employer, but also from ever being hired by any workplace owned, operated, or affiliated with that employer in the future.
Email California lawmakers now. The email is already drafted, and with one click, you can send it to the Senators who need to hear from you most.

Support AB 749

Why we need this bill
In many cases, especially with large companies that dominate in their field, no-rehire clauses severely limit a worker’s future options in their field or career , often in a much larger way than they anticipate at the time of signing a settlement agreement.

These clauses are especially egregious because they require the  victim  of sexual harassment or discrimination to forgo continuing employment, while the  offender  remains in the job. They can also dissuade workers from reporting misconduct in the first place for fear of lasting repercussions on their careers.

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