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#BeHEARD Act: The sexual harassment superbill we’ve been waiting for

April 11, 2019 | by
It’s 2019, and somehow millions of U.S. workers still are not protected from sexual harassment or discrimination under our civil rights laws. Service industry employees, domestic workers, and other low-wage workers experience some of the highest rates of sexual harassment — and even sexual assault — at work. Yet many are currently excluded and practically unprotected by federal law.
It’s time to close these senseless loopholes and gaps in our laws that leave so many workers without recourse following harassment or discrimination. That’s where the BeHEARD Act comes in.
Tell your legislators: Everyone is entitled to safety and dignity at work!

Tell your lawmakers: Support the BeHEARD Act

Introduced this week by Congress, BeHEARD is the first comprehensive federal legislation to address workplace harassment in the wake of #MeToo. It will:
  • Extend protections to include low-wage and part-time workers, interns, contractors, and those working with fewer than 15 people
  • Protect LGBTQI workers from employment discrimination
  • Ban forced arbitration agreements and limit non disclosure agreements — both common ways employers silence victims
  • Increase transparency and accountability by requiring employers to regularly report on pervasiveness of harassment in their workplaces
  • Eliminate the federal sub-minimum wage for tipped workers ($2.13/hour), which makes service industry workers more vulnerable to harassment because they heavily rely on customer tips
  • Provide training to all workers on what constitutes harassment and their rights if they’re harassed
  • Extend the filing deadline for those who want to sue
  • Authorize grants for low-income workers to get affordable legal help if they are harassed

An innovative, comprehensive bill like this will face a lot of opposition and an uphill battle. That’s why we need all hands on deck. 

Join us in speaking out today. Together, we can create workplaces where sexual harassment and discrimination are a thing of the past.

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