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BuzzFeed News: UC Santa Cruz Professor Gopal Balakrishnan Violated The School’s Harassment Policy

September 25, 2018 | by

BuzzFeed News interviewed Executive Director Noreen Farrell about a slew of sexual assault and misconduct allegations against a University of California Santa Cruz science professor. The article also looks at the legality and ethics of the professor’s hiring his own private investigator to interrogate complainants (student survivors).


“Increasingly, we’re seeing people who are accused of sexual assault hiring their own lawyers and mounting what are often intimidating tactics against their victims of assault,” Noreen Farrell, the executive director of Equal Rights Advocates, told BuzzFeed News.

Though routine in legal proceedings, such responses used to be rare in administrative inquiries at universities. And it could be intimidating, Farrell pointed out — “It could be continuing evidence of harassment and retaliation against a victim and schools should look at that very closely.”

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