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CA Assembly Passes Two Key Bills for Women and Families

June 3, 2016 | by

Yesterday, the California Assembly passed two priority bills of the Stronger California campaign for women’s economic security. 

The Assembly unanimously passed Assembly Bill 2150, which would guarantee a minimum of 12-months of continuous child care without punitive interim reporting requirements that shut poor parents out of child care subsidy programs. This bill is an important part of the Stronger California Legislative Agenda because access to quality, affordable child care is central to the economic security of working women and families.

“We applaud the California Assembly for its commitment to ensuring access to affordable child care without the unnecessary interruptions of continuous reporting requirements. The current requirement to show 12 months’ worth of eligibility means that a working mother or father must spend an undue amount of time and energy to stay up-to-date with their forms in order to ensure they can access affordable child care for their children. AB 2150 would lessen the burden on working families and provide peace of mind for themselves, their kids, their child care providers, and their employers,” said Mary Ignatius, statewide organizer  for Parent Voices and lead of the Stronger California child care pillar.

The Assembly also passed Assembly Bill 1676, a proposed new law that would outlaw the reliance on prior salaries in salary negotiations, a practice that perpetuates pay discrimination and contributes to the gender wage gap.

Said Mariko Yoshihara, political director of California Employment Lawyers Association and lead of the Stronger California fair pay and job opportunities pillar:

“With yesterday’s vote on Assembly Bill 1676, we are one step closer to helping level the playing field for women who have been underpaid in prior jobs or who have taken some time out of the job market and are trying to negotiate a fair wage. We need to start heeding the advice of our courts and top government officials that continue to warn that relying on prior salaries perpetuates unfair wage disparities in the job market, particularly for women and people of color.”  

Learn more about the Stronger California campaign’s 2016 legislative agenda. 

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