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Cal Field Hockey Asks: Where’s the Field?

February 19, 2015 | by

You can read press coverage of this action in the San Jose Mercury News as well as The Daily Californian.

The Cal women’s field hockey team has no place to practice or play. Removed from their former field in 2014, the players have fought hard to regain their share of campus resources, while their former field is converted into a practice space for the men’s football team. After almost a year of commuting to Stanford University to practice and compete, three members of the team approached Equal Rights Advocates for help in vindicating their Title IX rights and securing equitable resources for their team, as required by law.

ERA successfully negotiated a long term solution to the resources disparity that would house the field hockey team in a permanent space. In the meantime, the university promised to ready a temporary practice space to keep the team from having to commute to Stanford.

But despite promises from the university that a field would be ready prior to the team’s first spring practice on February 17, Tuesday the temporary field was locked, with asphalt not Astroturf (can’t play field hockey on asphalt!), and wasn’t visibly under construction (in fact, it was empty). The women of the team and their supporters, including ERA staff, gathered at the site of the promised temporary practice space to demand that the University make gender equity a priority and that it comply with Title IX by providing the team with an on-campus field.


The University promised that La Loma Tennis Courts would be renovated in time for the start of field hockey practice Tuesday. But on  the first day of practice, the team couldn’t even get into their new practice space, because its access (a stairwell) was locked.


Leaving the women’s team without a place to practice or compete is a violation of Title IX, which prohibits discrimination in education against women. Show your support for the Cal field hockey team by sharing this email with your friends and family. Tell them it’s time for the University of California to respect Title IX. ERA ensures gender equality in education with help from people like you. Support our initiative to empower and protect girls by donating here and joining our mailing list here.


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