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CBS Sacramento: Bill Would Extend Sexual Harassment Statute Of Limitations

January 18, 2018 | by

Senior Counsel Jessica Stender spoke with CBS Sacramento about a new bill – AB 1870 – that would extend the statute of limitations for sexual harassment claims. ERA is a sponsor of the legislation. 

“The kind of trauma you experience as a victim of sexual harassment and the fear you experience for speaking out often makes women wait,” said Jessica Stender, Attorney for Equal Rights Advocates.

Stender works for a nonprofit representing low wage women in the workforce.

She says the number of calls from victims is up roughly 25 percent.

“The ‘me too’ movement really has been affecting everyone. We hear from farm workers calling us and speaking out more about their rights—janitorial workers, women who may not have even known they what they experienced is illegal,” she said.

Thomason knew her experience was illegal and inappropriate. But didn’t know about her time limits for reporting what happened to the state.

“The victims are sometimes too afraid to even come forward,” she said

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