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Deadline Detroit: Jack Lessenberry’s Long History of Questionable Behavior with Women

May 17, 2018 | by

Deadline Detroit turned to ERA staff for perspective on sexual harassment in the workplace in a piece on the alleged sexual harassment perpetrated by Jack Lessenberry, one of Michigan’s best-known journalists.

Jessica Stender, senior counsel for Workplace Justice and Public Policy at Equal Rights Advocates, a national organization based in San Francisco, says: “It’s totally appropriate to bring up past behavior” from 1991 if it continues after that.

“I don’t think it’s ever OK for a professor to make comments to a student about their looks or romantic life,” she adds, noting that the power imbalance often makes it difficult or impossible for someone to tell a person to stop for fear of retribution.

“That kind of conduct, even if it may not rise to unlawful sexual harassment, can still have a detrimental effect and should not be tolerated.”

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