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Demand Equal Pay for Black Women

July 31, 2017 | by

Would you accept 63 cents on the dollar? 

The day has finally come. Today, July 31, Black women’s earnings have finally caught up (theoretically) with what white men earned last year. In reality, across the country, Black women continue to earn on average only 63 cents to a white man’s dollar, meaning they must work a full 19 months to earn what a white man does in 12 months. 

The American dream should belong to all of us. Challenges confronting Black women in the economy are complex, yet the possibilities for building better systems that support the health and well-being of Black women and their families are endless – and it can start here.

On today’s Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, join us in the fight to conquer the many contributors to the wage gap for Black women.

Raise your voice: demand #BlackWomensEqualPay!

One critical way to ensure equal pay is to end pay secrecy. But last week, the House Appropriations Committee voted to defund an essential equal pay data collection initiative that would require employers to submit pay data by gender and race to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). 

Too often, employers don’t know they have a wage gap. By requiring employers to report pay data, it requires them to see if they have a gap. You can’t fix what you don’t see.

This vote isn’t over. Tell your representative to stand for equal pay by supporting pay transparency.


There are many factors contributing to the pay gap for Black women – but did you know that they all add up to contribute to an immense wealth chasm? Black women, on average, own just pennies on the dollar compared to a White, non-Hispanic man. Equal Rights Advocates Executive Director Noreen Farrell breaks down the entrenched, and historic, wealth gap.


Acting Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Candice Jackson remains quiet about her false, harmful claim that 90% of campus sexual assault reports are fabricated. While the Department of Education continues to waffle on whether to make a strong stand for students’ rights, demand Jackson reject her “statistic.”


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