“I don’t have fifty more years to wait for equal pay. Do you?” | Equal Rights Advocates
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“I don’t have fifty more years to wait for equal pay. Do you?”

In concert with women’s groups across the country representing hundreds of thousands of women across dozens of states, Equal Rights Advocates launched the Equal Pay Today! campaign on June 10, 2013 — the 50th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. Our coalition of national and state-based women’s rights organizations calls for an end to the gender wage gap that persists in nearly every industry and profession in the country. This gap varies by state and city, by education level and occupation, and is magnified for African American and Hispanic women. First stop? Fifty letters to fifty state governors asking that they join our effort to close the gender wage gap.

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We join together to call for action to end the practices and close the loopholes in existing laws that contribute to women making on average only 77 cents for every dollar paid to men. These practices include:

  • Less pay for the same job: Women are paid less than men in nearly every occupation.
  • Job segregation: Sex role stereotypes lead to women being segregated into female-dominated lower-paid jobs.
  • Retaliation against workers for discussing their pay: A majority of employees report that they are either prohibited or actively discouraged from discussing their pay.
  • Pay reductions due to pregnancy and caregiving responsibilities. Employers pay women less from the moment of hire and deny them promotions because they automatically presume women will have children and then will commit less time and dedication to their jobs.
  • Wage theft: Women in many industries are being paid less than the minimum wage and less than a living wage, being shorted hours, being forced to work off the clock, not being paid overtime, or not being paid at all.

To read the full platform for change, click here. For a media advisory on the June 10 launch, click here. And for a fun diversion, consider joining our Close the Gap social media campaign. And to read Equal Rights Advocates Executive Director Noreen Farrell’s Huffington Post op-ed on Equal Pay Today!, click here. Other Equal Pay Today! organizations weigh in: Happy 50th Birthday, Equal Pay Act! – ACLU on HuffPo Equal Pay Today Campaign – California Women’s Law Center How Long Will Equal Pay Take to Achieve? – Women’s Law Project  

The Equal Pay Today! Campaign committee includes the following organizations: Equal Rights Advocates, the American Association of University Women, A Better Balance, American Civil Liberties Union Women’s Rights Project, California Women’s Law Center, Gender Justice, Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center, Legal Momentum, Legal Voice, National Center for Law and Economic Justice, National Partnership for Women and Families, National Women’s Law Center, Southwest Women’s Law Center, Women Employed, and Women’s Law Project.

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