Equal Means Equal

We must pass the Equal Rights Amendment now. Q: Are we all equal under the law? A: No! Without the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment, women in the United States don’t have basic civil or human rights under the U.S. Constitution. 96% of Americans believe that men and women are equal. 80% think equality between the sexes is already guaranteed by the Constitution. (It isn’t!) The Equal Rights Amendment provides a fundamental legal remedy against sex discrimination for both women and men. Passing the Equal Rights Amendment would send a powerful message: the United States has zero tolerance for sex discrimination under the law. Take action NOW to support the Equal Rights Amendment   Passing the Equal Rights Amendment is an important step toward ensuring women’s freedom. The Amendment would ensure that laws or government action that differentiate on the basis of sex is subject to the strictest standard of review by the courts. This standard is currently applied to treatment based on religion or race. Legislators would not be able to single out women’s basic health services for special regulation.  It would give a much needed legal boost to federal and state laws that are often inconsistent, inadequate, and subject to repeal.   Passage would help close the gender wage gap. Women typically earn between 79 and 44 percent of what men are paid, adjusted for their race. After passage of the Amendment, the minimum wage for tipped workers (currently $2.13) would have to be raised to the general minimum because 67% of tipped workers are women. And lessen the motherhood penalty. The Amendment could also be relied on the address differential treatment of pregnant workers and mothers, whose rights under current laws have been chipped away. The Supreme Court has held that discrimination on the basis of pregnancy is not discrimination on the basis of sex under current constitutional … Continue reading Equal Means Equal