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Giving Tuesday: On Nov. 27, #EqualityIsPawssible

November 14, 2018 | by

How do kickass gender justice lawyers unwind? With cute puppies.

With partners and advocates like you by our side, Equal Rights Advocates hustled hard in 2018 to pass the boldest anti-sexual harassment laws in the country and make work safe and sustainable for people of all genders.

Join us in celebrating just how good equitable workplaces feel. With puppies.

Through the month of November, keep an eye on our social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) to learn why ERA’s impact shows that #EqualityIsPawssible, support our fight for justice, and look at some cute puppies. (Every gender justice champion deserves some self care.) 

Then on Giving Tuesday (Nov. 27) support equity for women and girls with an adorable added bonus: The more money we raise, the more puppies will be added to the #EqualityIsPawssible Puppy Pen at the Giving Tuesday puppy party we’re hosting at our San Francisco office.

You read that right: We’re hosting a Giving Tuesday Puppy Party!

Sponsor a puppy. See how many puppies we can fit in our conference room. And join the fun by sharing a photo of your furry friend on social media with the hashtag #EqualityIsPawssible. (We’re inclusive here — cats and dogs of all ages are welcome.)

We’ll live stream everything on Giving Tuesday so you can follow the adorable action all day long. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with the #EqualityIsPawssible story through the month of November.

Donate today, or pledge to support us on Giving Tuesday by posting a selfie with your furry friend using hashtag #EqualityIsPawssible. Tag us (@EqualRightsAdv) and we might share your #EqualityIsPawssible selfie with our supporters.

Everyone likes puppies. Just like everyone likes gender justice.

Yours in Celebration,

Team ERA

P.S. What’s Giving Tuesday? It’s an annual day of generosity and giving to balance the scales after a weekend of consumption (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.) Join generous people around the world in supporting your favorite causes, and if you’re passionate about equal opportunity for women and girls, donate to Equal Rights Advocates.

P.P.S. Think your company or law firm might want to get involved? Email for information about #EqualityIsPawssible sponsorship opportunities!

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