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ERA Submits Letter to Gov. Brown on Behalf of 12 National Orgs: CA Needs to #TakeTheLead on Sexual Harassment Reforms

September 21, 2018 | by

On September 21, 2018, Equal Rights Advocates submitted a letter to Governor Jerry Brown on behalf of 12 national organizations representing and advocating for women’s rights and workers’ rights across the country. The letter urges Gov. Brown’s signature on four innovative sexual harassment bills in California: SB 1300, SB 224, AB 1870, and AB 3080.

The letter explains the national importance of these bills as an opportunity for California to lead the nation with robust legal protections against sexual harassment and violence in the workplace, and pave the way for other states to pass similar legislation.

Read the full letter here

To find out how you can support the bills, click here.



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