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ERA’s Farrell Comments to NBC: Accused Teacher’s School Ignored Title IX

January 13, 2013 | by

ERA Executive Director Noreen Farrell commented to NBC BayArea as part of an investigative news report on January 13, 2013, Accused Teacher’s School Ignores Title IX.

“Without NBC’s investigation into many Title IX issues and concerns how would we know about half of what’s going on in bay area schools?” Noreen Farrell, with Equal Rights Advocates told the Investigative Unit.

ERA has also filed a request for information from Evergreen, asking for proof it’s following Title IX. She is still waiting for answers.

“What I would advise a school district that has faced these horrible allegations is that they should be upfront doing everything to make sure students feel safe, parents feel confident and that members of the public feel confident,” Farrell said.

“For educators to stick their heads in the sand about sexual abuse of minors and the application of Title IX is a real problem.”

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