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Every CA deserves Paid Family Leave: Support SB 135

May 22, 2019 | by
Here’s the ugly truth: Despite enacting the nation’s first Paid Family Leave program 15 years ago, only certain privileged Californians are able to access it.
The lack of job protection under the Paid Family Leave program means many Californians who pay into it can’t actually use it without fear of losing their jobs . This disproportionately impacts low-paid workers, who already have the highest risk of losing jobs when they need to go on leave. Meanwhile, the program largely benefits well-off two-parent families.
Tell your California Senator to support Senate Bill 135 so Californians who pay into the Paid Family Leave Program can use it.

Email your Senator

It’s time for paid family leave that does not ignore low-wage workers. Email and tweet at your Senator now!



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