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Executive Director Noreen Farrell Honored as Top Employment Lawyer

July 26, 2013 | by
Adding to her growing collection of legal press awards celebrating the organization’s great work, Equal Rights Advocates Executive Director Noreen Farrell has been recognized by the Daily Journal newspaper as a top California labor and employment lawyer.

For 40 years ERA has championed the rights of women in the workplace, litigating and advocating fearlessly for women in all sectors, including service and domestic work, where women are regularly subjected to abuses because of their status as low-wage earners, women of color, or non-native English speakers.

As Noreen told the Daily Journal, “taking on the tough litigation fights is a critical part of ERA’s advocacy, especially for low-wage workers who often cannot turn to anyone else.”

The Daily Journal selected Noreen in recognition of her leadership and ERA’s efforts on dozens of cases on behalf of women in a variety of industries and students and student-athletes seeking gender equity and equal opportunities. These women include restaurant workers, fire fighters, hotel workers, janitors, casino workers, professors, women wrestlers, and students facing sexual harassment and assault at school.  The Daily Journal noted Noreen’s work, for example, in Medina v. Station Casinos, in which she represented a class of women workers at the Thunder Valley Casino who alleged sexual harassment and wage and hour violations. ERA resolved the case with a multi-million dollar settlement and significant injunctive relief with the assistance of co-counsel from Farrise Law, Kazan, McClain et al., and Lynch Gilardi & Grummer.

The Daily Journal also recognized Noreen for her work in Bojorquez v. ABM Industries, in which she worked alongside the trial team of ERA Legal Director Jennifer Reisch, ERA staff attorney Monali Sheth, and co-counsel Virginia Villegas of Villegas Carrera LLP.  The team represented Maria Bojorquez, a San Francisco janitor challenging sexual assault and retaliation in her workplace. A San Francisco jury awarded Maria nearly over $800,000 in May 2012.

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