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Fresno Bee: ‘I spent many years suffering.’ Women in Fresno allege sexual harassment at janitorial company

February 13, 2019 | by

The Fresno Bee ran an article about ERA’s filing of a lawsuit against janitorial company ABM, including video coverage of our press conference in Fresno, which featured remarks from 2 of our clients in the lawsuit, Equal Rights Advocates Legal Director Jennifer Reisch, and our union allies at SEIU-USWW.

We are suing ABM for the second time in 7 years for sexual harassment, retaliation, blacklisting, and other workplace violations.

The article features quotes from our clients, and from Jennifer, including:

“These women are breaking the silence about the violence that they experienced at work,” she said. “They are speaking out against these horrors … because they don’t want anyone else to go through what they went through.”

Watch the video segment, and read the full article.


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