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Judge Gorsuch’s Troubling Record on Women and Workers’ Rights

February 3, 2017 | by

This week, President Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Judge Gorsuch’s record demonstrates that he will not uphold the constitutional rights of women and all working Americans. He has repeatedly sought to curtail women’s reproductive access and freedom, including writing two opinions that would allow businesses to deny contraceptive coverage to their employees, and is a direct threat to Roe v. Wade. He has spoken out against the use of class action lawsuits, which are a critical tool to fight employment discrimination and defend basic civil rights. It is clear that Judge Gorsuch’s interpretation of the law would be dangerous for the communities that Equal Rights Advocates has fought for over 40 years to defend.

“Judge Gorsuch has shown that he will support outcomes and legal rules that favor corporate interests and the powerful, to the detriment of women, immigrants, working people, consumers, and the environment we all live in,” said Legal Director Jennifer Reisch. 

This nomination will have a long-standing impact, with future Supreme Court rulings affecting women and girls for decades to come. Equal Rights Advocates urges the Senate to reject Judge Gorsuch’s nomination. Our families and communities deserve a court that is committed to upholding our constitutional and civil rights.

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