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Holding Sessions Accountable: The Whole World is Watching

February 9, 2017 | by

Jeff Sessions’ confirmation yesterday as Attorney General is an affront to women, immigrants, the LGBTQI community, and people of color. As Attorney General, he poses a real and serious threat to decades of progress made for civil rights and women’s rights.

Sessions has opposed efforts to close the wage gap, opposed women’s access to health services, and opposed the Violence Against Women Act. He would not concede that President Trump’s comments about women described sexual assault, and he has spent his career as one of the most vigorous opponents of women’s reproductive rights.

His 30-year record of racism and misogyny demonstrates that he is unfit to serve in this role and uphold the equal rights of all.

ERA will stand with civil and human rights organizations nationwide to hold Sessions accountable in his new role, and we will continue to defend our civil rights, no matter who is Attorney General.

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