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HuffPost: Let’s Not Give Alleged Harassers A Comeback Narrative

April 19, 2018 | by

ERA Executive Director Noreen Farrell spoke with HuffPost about potential “comeback” narratives for celebrity accused of sexual harassment or assault.  

 Farrell characterized these anecdotes and “redemption stories” as “potentially dangerous to the progress of the Me Too movement” and “a distraction.” They deflect attention from accusers ― whose lives and careers their harassers have deeply harmed ― as well as from the larger institutional and systemic problems exposed by Me Too, she said.

“It’s about this narrative of second chances, at a moment when we should be thinking about how to help women have recovery and second chances after harassment, and I think it trivializes the harm perpetrated by these men,” Farrell said.

Farrell argued that these “redemption stories” are not worth considering…

“Look, the harassers have gotten enough attention, and we need to be concerned more with survivors,” she said.

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