Fighting for Women's Equality

Join Our Action Team and Fight For California’s #MeToo Bills

September 18, 2018 | by

We will be calling on our Equal Rights Advocates’ Action Team to help us push Governor Jerry Brown to sign ALL of CA’s #MeToo bills into law. JOIN THE ACTION TEAM. HELP US ENSURE A SAFE WORKPLACE FOR WOMEN.

Sexual harassment, assault, and violence should never be the price of a paycheck. Four urgently needed bills to combat sexual harassment have been passed in California, where 12% of the nation’s women live. 

Now more then ever, it is important to take a comprehensive approach to combating sexual harassment in order to ensure that all working people have an equal opportunity and right to thrive and succeed at work and that those who try to infringe on that right are held to account.  California needs to take the lead and tackle sexual harassment from all angles. 

The below bills need your support to become law. Join our Action Team today.


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