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KSBY: New CA laws include straw restrictions, minimum wage increase and more

December 26, 2018 | by

CBS affiliate KSBY 6, of California’s Central Coast, interviewed Jessica Stender, Equal Rights Advocates’ Senior Counsel for Workplace Justice & Public Policy, about new sexual harassment laws that will take effect in California starting Jan. 1, 2019. ERA sponsored and championed many of the news laws, and was instrumental in their passing.

“There were some really exciting wins for California this year and I think, once again, California is going to take the lead for the rest of the nation to show how robust sexual harassment and other discrimination protections can be,” said Jessica Stender of Equal Rights Advocates, a group that co-sponsored legislation that guarantees courts fairly and consistently apply the standard for sexual harassment and holds corporations feet to the fire.

“It also addresses some of the sneaky tactics that we’ve seen employers use to silence workers and to keep them from being able to file sexual harassment and other workplace claims, so that was a big win in that regard,” Stender said.

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