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Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights gives you the power to fight back against discrimination and harassment. Equal Rights Advocates provides straightforward, nuts-and-bolts information on women’s rights and remedies, whether you’re facing sexual harassment at work or school, sex or pregnancy discrimination, or uncertainty about your rights under federal family and medical leave law.

Do you think you might be facing gender discrimination, gender-based harassment, sexual harassment (including sexual violence), or pregnancy discrimination at work or school? Read our “Know Your Rights” guides online.


Ready for free legal advice?

If our Know Your Rights guides do not answer your questions, you can contact us through our Legal Advice & Counseling program, where we offer advice on a more narrow list of problems, listed below.

Temporarily, as of April 15, 2019, we cannot guarantee a response within 2 business days. If there are any urgent (i.e. time sensitive) issues in your case/matter, you should not wait for us to respond before taking action. Also temporarily, our Legal Professionals offer free legal advice and legal counseling related to the following problems only:

Problems at work:

  • gender pay discrimination

Problems at school:

  • sexual violence
  • gender-based harassment
  • gender discrimination

If your problem is related to one of the issues listed above, please fill out the online Legal Advice & Counseling Inquiry Form below. Someone from our office will respond via email. Currently, we cannot guarantee a response within 2 business days. If your issue is outside our legal practice area, or if you do not provide all the information requested, you will not receive an email from us.

CLICK HERE to open the Legal Advice & Counseling Inquiry Form >

Important note: We cannot help with emergencies. If you are experiencing a time-sensitive issue, we will get back to you as soon as possible. However, depending on volume, appointments may not be available for between one to three weeks. If you have an upcoming deadline, you may not want to wait for an appointment with us before taking action. The primary goal of this service is to provide information and advice. There is no guarantee of legal representation.

Filling out the online inquiry form is the best way to ensure the quickest possible response from ERA. However, if you’re unable to complete the form, you may leave a voicemail at 1.800.839.4372. It may take us longer to respond to voicemail requests.


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