Fighting for Women's Equality

Let’s Close California’s Wage Gap

March 21, 2019 | by

You can’t fix what you can’t see. We need to have all the right information in front of us if we’re ever going to close the wage gap for women and people of color.

That’s why we’re cosponsoring California Senate Bill 171, to shine a light on the facts and figures that keep equal pay from becoming a reality for millions of women in our state. SB 171 will require large California employers to submit a report every year showing how much they pay workers of each sex, race, ethnicity, and job category.

Shine a light on pay discrimination

Californians: We need your support to get this bill through the Senate Labor Committee! Use our quick, easy form to support SB 171 now.


California has made progress to reduce pay discrimination in recent years, but it’s not enough: California women still lose $78.6 billion every year to the wage gap!

Supporting SB 171 is a concrete way to help employers identify and rectify unfair pay gaps based on race, gender or ethnicity. It will also help companies identify occupational segregation, the concentration of women and minorities into lower-paid positions, and take steps to ensure equal representation at all levels.

Just imagine what California women could do with $78.6 billion — how much we could invest in our communities, our families, and our own futures. Let’s make it a reality. Tell your California lawmakers to support SB 171 today.


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