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Lucy Marsh Supporters Prompt Promise of Reply from University

August 22, 2013 | by

A group of University of Denver alumni gathered in support of Equal Rights Advocates client Professor Lucy Marsh this morning on campus in Colorado, calling for the school to respond to Prof. Marsh’s allegations that it underpays female law professors.

Alum Ashley Wheeland told the Denver Post that she decided to petition the school to respond to the allegations because the university says in its motto “that they are a private university seeking the public good. For me, the public good means treating employees fairly, as well, which means looking at their own systems to see where they might have discrimination and fix them.”

Ashley’s petition garnered over 1,700 signatures, including those of other faculty members and administrators at the University of Denver, as well as Colorado legislators. A University of Denver spokeswoman told the Post that it once administrators meet with Wheeland “and have an opportunity to speak with the concerned committee in the morning, we will have a better idea of what they are requesting and hopefully can work together on next steps.” [UPDATE: Our friends at ProgressNOW Colorado, who assisted Ashley with the petition, posted photos of the meeting here.]

Prof. Marsh is a celebrated and longtime faculty member at the school. In recent years, the administration awarded her teaching honors. According to a memo written by the dean of the law school last year, the mean salary for a female professor at the school is nearly $16,000 less than the mean salary for a male professor. For more information on ERA’s efforts to close the gender wage gap, click here.

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