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Marci Rubin, 2015 Gender Justice Honoree

May 22, 2015 | by

Equal Rights Advocates will recognize long-time supporter Marci Rubin as a 2015 Gender Justice Honoree. The award will be given on June 11, 2015, at ERA’s annual gala luncheon.

The Gender Justice Honoree award is given each year to civil rights champions whose support has made ERA stronger. A leader and strategic advisor to ERA for many years, Marci has contributed invaluably to ERA’s work.

Since 1997, Marci has inspired and energized the mission of ERA through her service as board chair, committee member, and mentor to staff. Indeed, Marci’s dedication to diversity and fairness has touched many throughout her esteemed career. Recently retired as Executive Director of the California Minority Counsel Program, a membership-based organization that promotes racial diversity in legal professions, Marci focuses particularly on providing access to opportunities for lawyers of color. In 2013, California National Diversity Counsel named her a “most powerful and influential” woman of California. Prior to serving with CMCP, Marci was the Deputy General Counsel at Wells Fargo Bank. Marci, who received her law degree from UC Berkeley Law School, is also passionate about dance and the arts. She is former board chair of Freight & Salvage.

In Marci’s own words:

“For over 40 years, through strategic precedent-setting litigation and legislative advocacy, Equal Rights Advocates has been the most powerful and impactful legal voice for economic self-sufficiency for women and girls. With passion, compassion and commitment, ERA has made, and continues to make, a difference in the lives of those whose voices would not otherwise be heard. Every role I’ve had as a volunteer with ERA – whether fundraiser, Development Committee member, Board member, Board Chair, & now as supporter, friend & sometimes advisor – has been incredibly fulfilling. It’s an honor to play a small part in ERA’s trailblazing work.” 

Learn more about ERA’s 2015 gala luncheon.

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