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NBC: Victims’ Rights Advocates Gather in San Francisco

July 19, 2018 | by

NBC Bay Area covered a federal hearing and press conference regarding Equal Rights Advocates’ federal lawsuit against Betsy DeVos and the U.S. Department of Education. They quoted and feature video of ERA client, advocate, and student survivor Amelia Wagoner.

“Students should not be punished for reporting rape,” she said. “I hope changes from this case today mean that someday, students can report rape and feel safe on campus, without having to feel that they’re working against the school, and having it consume their lives.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of plaintiffs Equal Rights Advocates, SurvJustice, and Victim Rights Law Center by three national public interest organizations: Democracy Forward, the National Center for Youth Law, and the National Women’s Law Center.

Watch the news segment and read the story here.

Read more about the lawsuit here.


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