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New CA Budget Invests in Women and Families

June 30, 2016 | by

Earlier this week, Governor Jerry Brown signed the 2016-2017 California budget as presented by the state legislature, which included two critical policy reforms championed by the Stronger California Advocates Network: repeal of the Maximum Family Grant Rule, which required mothers to produce evidence of rape or birth control failure in order to receive state aid for any children they had while already receiving aid, and increased funding for child care workers who serve low-income families.

These two budget asks were priorities of the 2016 Stronger California women’s economic security agenda.

“We are proud to have a state budget that recognizes the needs of women and children, and we applaud Governor Brown for taking these critical steps toward ensuring the economic stability of working families. These much-needed reforms will have a real, significant impact on communities across our state,” said Noreen Farrell, chair of the Stronger California Advocates Network and executive director of Equal Rights Advocates.

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