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Nonprofit Demands Answers Over Title IX

November 1, 2012 | by

According to an NBC BayArea news report, “Equal Rights Advocates is calling the results of an NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit report “disturbing” and is demanding answers from Bay Area Schools.”  Full report, including interview with ERA’s Noreen Farrell here.

Excerpt below:

“The national nonprofit Equal Rights Advocates is demanding answers from Bay Area schools after the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit  exposed that some were not complying with Title IX.

To view original report, click here.

The group is asking 100 Bay Area schools to provide proof of compliance with the federal law that is set up to protect students from sexual harassment and abuse.

A lesser known part of Title IX requires schools to have a system in place to handle sexual harassment and abuse complaints. It also mandates schools designate a Title IX coordinator and publish this individual’s contact information.

ERA is asking for proof of a coordinator and procedures to file complaints that are published.

“We are very very focused on Title IX and why its important and it’s troubling that 40 years after it’s passage we are still seeing these kinds of problems,” Noreen Farrell, ERA’s Executive Director, said.

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