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Noreen Farrell’s HuffPo Op-ed: We Want Equal Pay Today!

June 10, 2013 | by

Equal-Pay-ButtonExecutive Director Noreen Farrell appeared in the Huffington Post this morning, with a searing op-ed on the need for immediate change to state and federal policies on equal pay. “The gender wage gap can be measured in dollars and cents, millions upon millions of them over the course of woman’s working life. It cannot be explained away by rhetoric about women’s ‘choices’ to take lower paying jobs or leave the workforce. The law prohibits pay discrimination. It has for a long time,” she wrote. In concert with a high-power coalition of women’s groups, Equal Rights Advocates has sent letters to all 50 governors today, the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act, calling for their help in closing a pay gap that disproportionately punishes women of color and low wage-earners. For more on the Equal Pay Today! campaign, click here.

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