Fighting for Women's Equality
Our Victories

Our Victories

ERA has transformed the law for hundreds of thousands of women and girls for over four decades through impact litigation, advice and counseling, and policy reform. From litigating cases before the U.S. Supreme Court that led to passage of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act in 1978 to the more recent passage of California’s Paid Family Leave Act, ERA has worked closely with community partners to fill in gaps in law hindering economic security and education equity for women.

ERA has been fearless in the courts, taking cases before juries and the US Supreme Court for low-wage women workers, immigrants, and hundreds of thousands of other women, girls, and men taking a stand against sex discrimination. ERA counsels thousands of callers each year through its free national hotline and innovative clinical programs staffed by law clerks trained by ERA as the next generation of advocates.

ERA’s victories on behalf of low-wage women workers, women of color, immigrant workers, lesbians, and women working in male-dominated fields span a variety of issue areas, including:

  • Equal Opportunities in Male-Dominated Industries
  • Wage Justice, Equal Pay and Promotion
  • Sexual Harassment and Safety in the Workplace
  • Discrimination and Unfair Treatment at Work
  • Equal Opportunities in Education

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