Fighting for Women's Equality
Strong Girls, Strong Futures

Current Advocacy

We have been on the forefront of efforts to stop sexual harassment and gender-based bullying so that learning is not limited by fear and intimidation. Our work breaks stereotypes that limit girls in math and science and makes sure that girls receive the same chance to learn and grow through sports. We also represents female educators and coaches fighting sex discrimination in their work because how they are treated provides a powerful lesson in equality to those they teach.

Ending Sexual Harassment, Violence, and Gender-Based Bullying in Schools

We have been on the forefront of efforts to stop sexual harassment and gender-based bullying so that learning is not limited by fear and intimidation.

  • Over the past ten years, calls to ERA’s Advice and Counseling Hotline have increased by 400%. We routinely hear about brutal bullying based on gender identity, sexual harassment of young women by educators, and peer sexual harassment and sexual assault.
  • Our Initiative to End Sexual Violence in Education (ESVE) works to train more attorneys on supporting student survivors of campus sexual assault through our Pro Bono Attorneys Network, which will provide legal advice and counseling to students navigating increasingly-complex school investigation processes. Through ESVE, we are developing an online Resource Hub for attorneys to get training and resources on Title IX and other legal issues relevant to sexual violence in schools. 
  • The Power of IX Campaign is a multidimensional education and enforcement campaign that will empower students and adults to promote education equity.

Ensuring Equal Treatment and Opportunities for Female Students and Educators

ERA’s work ensures that female students have equal opportunities in the classroom and on the sports fields and that educators work in an environment free of sex discrimination.

  • ERA currently represents the women of the University of California at Berkeley field hockey team in their bid to vindicate their right to equitable playing fields. Learn more.
  • Mansourian v. UC Regents: In 2012, ERA successfully resolved this landmark case on behalf of women wrestlers at UC Davis after prevailing at trial on Title IX liability. The case was the first to confirm that students need not provide schools with “notice” before filing a suit challenging a school’s refusal to provide equal athletic opportunities. Learn more
  • Brust v. UC Regents: We continue to award athletic scholarships to female athletes from the Women In Sports Equity (WISE) Fund, a key term in a settlement by ERA and co-counsel of this Title IX class action suit on behalf of women athletes at UC Davis seeking equal athletic opportunities. UC also agreed improve the ratio of female participation in sports. ERA has awarded over $100,000 in grants from the WISE Fund. Learn more.
  • ERA is using Title IX in novel applications, assisting students who want to breastfeed at school and female fire recruits facing discrimination in federally-funded programs. Learn more about the $2.46 million jury verdict victory in Maher v. City of Fresno.

Empowering Girls as Leaders and Breaking Stereotypes

  • As part of ERA’s Equal Pay efforts, ERA also conducts Know-Your-Rights trainings for college students, educating students about their right to equal pay and how to best negotiate a fair starting salary. See equal pay training materials here.
  • We promote girls in all academic pursuits, including those traditionally dominated by men. Our Women In STEM fact sheet examining the pipeline of girls into STEM related fields and other strategies to promote the advancement of women in STEM.
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