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Politico: How a Lawsuit Against Oregon State Could Challenge DeVos’ Title IX Rules

August 3, 2018 | by

Politico’s daily education round-up featured a segment on mutual no-contact orders, which schools are automatically issuing under DeVos’ interim Title IX guidance. These orders effectively punish student survivors for reporting sexual assault. The segment quotes Equal Rights Advocates Senior Staff Attorney Brenda Adams:

Advocates argue such orders can have a major chilling effect on students reporting when they’re assaulted. And they say schools do actually enforce them. Brenda Adams, an attorney at Equal Rights Advocates, said she’s had multiple clients who have been accused of violating the no-contact orders and faced their own disciplinary investigations.

“The only reason they’re being issued against a victim is because she reported,” Adams said. “Then what you have is all of these women regretting that they ever came forward … They feel like they’ve done something wrong when literally all they’ve done is report to their school and seek safety.”

Read the full story here.

Equal Rights Advocates is suing Betsy DeVos and the U.S. Department of Education over new Title IX guidance that harms student survivors of sexual violence and harassment. Read more about our lawsuit here.


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