Fighting for Women's Equality

The-Power-of-IXDid you know that it’s your right to feel safe at school?

Title IX is an important law that requires schools to make sure students never lose out on the chance to learn because of their gender. That means schools must protect students from what’s called “sexual harassment,” which includes sex-based bullying and violence, and must treat students equally, regardless of their gender.

Yet, all too often, ERA hears from students who say they’ve been groped, leered at, stalked, bullied, and even assaulted based on their sex, but don’t know that they have a right to complain about these things – confidentially – and the right to learn in an environment free of fear and discrimination.

The truth is: you DO have the right. Learn about the Power of Title IX.

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Title IX and Your School

Take this quick quiz to learn if your school is doing enough.


What is Title IX, exactly? Two teams compete to see who knows it best.

Learn from other student leaders about how they're changing their schools for the better.

We investigated over 100 Bay Area school districts and found that schools aren’t doing enough to fulfill this important law and make sure students are protected from harassment.

There are easy ways to find out whether or not your school is protecting your rights as it should.

Grab the nearest adult you trust and download this guide.

If you think there might be a problem at your school, or you have questions about your own situation, you can always contact us.