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Prior Salary Ban Passes CA Legislature

September 12, 2017 | by

Today, the California Senate voted in favor of Assembly Bill 168 (Eggman), sending it to the Assembly for a concurrence vote and then to Governor Brown for his signature. AB 168 would prohibit employers from seeking salary history information about applicants for employment, and would require an employer to provide the pay scale of a position to an applicant.

Noreen Farrell, Executive Director of Equal Rights Advocates and Chair of the Stronger California Advocates Network, said of the vote:

“We applaud the California legislature for taking a critical step to closing the gender wage gap, which continues to cost California women billions of dollars each year. Setting employee pay based on prior salary can perpetuate past pay discrimination – Assembly Bill 168 would disrupt this cycle and help ensure California women achieve equal pay. We urge Governor Brown to support the economic security of women and families by signing AB 168 into law.”

If Governor Brown signs Assembly Bill 168, California will follow Massachusetts, Oregon, Delaware and the city of San Francisco in banning prior salary inquiry.

AB 168 is a priority bill for the Stronger California Advocates Network. Learn more about the Stronger California campaign for women’s economic security at

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