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San Francisco Examiner: Lawsuit heard in SF calls for Trump Administration to rescind guidelines on sexual harassment

July 19, 2018 | by

The San Francisco Examiner covered a federal hearing and Equal Rights Advocates press conference regarding our federal lawsuit against Betsy DeVos and the U.S. Department of Education. They extensively quoted Legal Director Jennifer Reisch, and ERA client, advocate, and student survivor Amelia Wagoner.

Jennifer Reisch, legal director of Equal Rights Advocates, said that the new guidelines also “eliminate time frames for resolving complaints,” resulting in investigations “going on indefinitely,with no resolution for either party.”

At a press conference following the hearing, Amelia Wagoner, a student survivor, shared her experience with navigating Humboldt State University’s processes under the new policies after she was sexually assaulted by a student athlete last October.

“Even after he was notified that he was being investigated I wasn’t offered any protection,” said Wagoner. “I just wanted to go to class, go to practice and feel safe but I couldn’t.”…

Reisch said that the new policies send a message to students reporting sexual harassment and violence that “ you come forward at your peril.”

“You will be subject to an indefinite investigation, you are going to potentially be subject to a system that will allow the responding student to appeal even if you’re not allowed to appeal,” she said.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of plaintiffs Equal Rights Advocates, SurvJustice, and Victim Rights Law Center by three national public interest organizations: Democracy Forward, the National Center for Youth Law, and the National Women’s Law Center.

Read the full story here.

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