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Santa Cruz Sentinel: Felton assistant principal accused of sexual misconduct in #metoo case

December 2, 2017 | by

The Santa Cruz Sentinel covered accusations of sexual abuse levied against a 1997 San Lorenzo Valley High School assistant principal, highlighting quotes from ERA Staff Attorney Maha Ibrahim.

Maha Ibrahim, a staff attorney with San Francisco-based nonprofit Equal Rights Advocates, said it is common for victims of abuse to feel that they have more to lose than gain by going public with their experiences.

“They will often fret or hesitate or fear over the most minute of details — whether they were somehow responsible for this happening, whether or not they wanted it to happen,” Ibrahim said. “Especially when the victim is young and there’s a person who is supposed to be in a protective relationship, like an adult. Like a coach.”

What has begun to shift in recent weeks, Ibrahim said, is public perception.

“The sexual harassment is not new,” Ibrahim said. “The fact that the public is believing these women when they come forward, that’s what’s new.”

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