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Secretary DeVos is Endangering Lives: A Response to the Interim Title IX Guidance

September 25, 2017 | by

Today, Equal Rights Advocates joined 128 national organizations and individuals in denouncing Secretary DeVos’ interim Title IX Guidance, issued on Friday, September 22.

Read the full open letter.

“We the People, who have spent years actually working to prevent and address sexual assault in schools, are deeply troubled that Secretary Betsy DeVos is putting the safety and lives of students at risk. On Friday, she continued her reckless campaign to destroy the laws and processes in place to protect students from sexual assault and allow all students an equal access to education. Her latest move – condemning and rescinding existing guidance documents on campus sexual assault, and replacing them with a poorly developed interim set of “Questions and Answers” –
breeds chaos and uncertainty.”

We stand in solidarity with all our co-signers and remain ready to enforce students’ civil rights if the Department of Education will not.

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