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Stand with Restaurant Workers: Support Their May 1 Strike

May 1, 2017 | by

Today, on May Day, over 25,000 restaurant workers are joining May Day strikes and 200 restaurant owners are closing their businesses to fight for fair wages in the restaurant industry.

We proudly support our partner and today’s restaurant worker strike organizer Restaurant Opportunities Centers (ROC) United, and all striking workers, owners, and consumers.

Nationally, the tipped minimum wage remains at a too-low $2.13/hour. Women make up two-thirds of tipped workers, and their dependence on customers for their paycheck leaves them especially vulnerable to sexual harassment. Indeed, ROC- United recently found that 90% of tipped women workers report enduring sexual harassment at work – much higher than the rate for non-tipped workers. Learn more about the impact the tipped minimum wage has on workers here.

Stand with workers across the country in demanding fair wages in the restaurant industry. Get involved today:  

Together, we can ensure that all restaurant workers earn a fair wage, and that sexual harassment is no longer the price of a paycheck.

Learn more about ERA’s partnership with ROC-United.

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